Case Studies

Selected High Profile Case Studies

Property Claim (VIC)

Total loss fire at Cloverdale Baptist Church in Geelong. The fire was deliberately lit by young offenders also suspected of having started fires at 2 local pre schools and another public building. Church was forced to relocate to another property during the claim settlement period and rebuilding phase. Total claim adjustment came in just under $1.1 million. Church has resettled at original location with new buildings.

Liability Claim (QLD)

A public liability claim that included fraudulent personal accident insurance claims. The claimant had a liability claims history extending to over 20 years and succeeding in all previous cases. Our claim was for approx $2 million. Following our inquiries the claim was denied as fraudulent and the claimant was convicted of fraud and jailed for 2 ½ years.

Property and Liability Claim (QLD)

Valves imported and installed in the fire fighting system of newly constructed 47 floor residential apartment building failed, resulting in various floors flooding and a claim of over $500,000. Claim required extensive investigation into the cause and nature of the failure, parties to the potential claim and extent of damage to the property.

Property and Liability Claim (NSW)

During storm activity a shop awning collapsed killing a wealthy businessman. Extensive damage was caused to two shops with building and contents damaged along with a significant business interruption exposure. There was media interest due to recent council involvement. The claim involved reinstatement of all material damage and business interruption preparation along with assisting solicitors in respect of liability issues. Matter currently before NSW Coroner.

Property Claim (Tasmania)

Total loss by fire of a Dental Surgery with the insured as a tenant. Location was a small rural city. Policy sections involved were Damage, Patients Records, Contents in Transit and Business Interruption.

Property owner was found to have insufficient insurance cover to reinstate the damage plus the property owner was found to be ill and unable to look after own affairs and there was no Power of Attorney therefore the building reconstruction was not possible as the building insurer could not negotiate with the insured.

The dental surgery was required to re-locate and this caused major delays and additional costs. It took in excess of 14 months to finalise the claim, which included business interruption and have the surgery up and operating. Total Claim cost $1,352,000.00

Property Claim (Tasmania)

Total fire loss of dwelling and contents. Remote coastal area. Major issue was suspicion that the insured deliberately caused the fire. The secondary issue was proof of purchase and ownership of contents.

Delays in acceptance of liability were due to the major issues surrounding temporary accommodation as the insured insisted that they needed toremain on the remote site due to their personal property being located at the site such as caravans and boats. Fire investigation and CIB investigation took some 10 months before the insurer accepted the claim and the Adjuster was required to negotiate a cash settlement for Building and Contents and to satisfy both the insured and the insurer.Total Claim Cost over $300,000

Property and Liability Claim (WA)

A shopping centre in Fitzroy Crossing was burnt down during a fire allegedly started by a deep fryer in one of its retail outlet, a take-away shop. The incident triggered national media coverage for the devastation that occurred to an isolated rural community. The fire loss for the take-away shop was in excess of $250,000. However, the claim primarily involved managing the liability claim against the shop owner (our Insured) pursued by the shopping centre owners for the reinstatement cost of the building- in excess of $4 million. In-house engineering expertise was available to provide technical advice on the proximate cause of the fire. The case was referred to litigation.

Property and Engineering Claim (WA)

An electrical fault had allegedly caused a fire that destroyed one of the two on-site power stations on Cocos Island. The cost of reinstatement was estimated at over $3.5 million and involved the replacement of the building to current standards and the re-engineering of the diesel generator plant and associated distribution systems. Claim handled by ANA in house engineering adjuster who was involved in investigating cause of fire outbreak, loss mitigation advice and evaluation of reinstatement works, without the need for the engagement of external consultant(s).

Machinery Breakdown/Business Interruption Claim (WA)

Coal fired power station had a steam turbine failure. Loss to Insured was $40 million but Insurers exposure, due to high deductibles, was potentially about $6 million (MD & BI). Claim was managed by qualified and experienced ANA engineering adjuster. This meant that an external engineering consultant was not required to be engaged. Our adjuster’s experience and proactive engagement with the Insured’s engineers enabled quick and constructive decisions to be made to reduce the plant down time to well short of initial expectations. Insurer’s BI exposure was reduced to only 3 days into the indemnity period and the MD loss fell within the 2.5 million policy deductible. Final settlement was under $2 million.