Introduction to ANA Process Management

ANA services are driven by our proprietary Process Management model (for a visual explanation see the Process Management maps for material damage and liability claims. Customised to meet the specific needs of each client, the model maps the process life cycle of a claim, including:

  • Maximum response times at each stage of the process
  • Reporting intervals, channels and formats at each stage
  • Fail-safe actions
  • Rapid claim escalation

Unlike static Key Performance Indicator (KPI) models, our process management is dynamic and time sensitive. It does not allow jobs to sit when the specified actions have been completed but no result obtained: the model mandates specified outcomes within agreed time frames and initiates alternative action where a result is not achieved. This can include rapid escalation to senior management. For example, the KPI “Initiate client contact” may be met by sending an email or leaving a phone message. If the client does not respond, the job may sit there. Our Process Management imposes a time frame and requires further action if no response is achieved within an agreed time. Typically this would be repeat phone/email attempts within 24 hours, notifying broker and if practical a site visit at an agreed trigger point, or widening the contact attempt to include relatives or co-workers as appropriate.