ANA Service Standards – Property Damage & Loss

Below are vrsANA’s general service standards for property damage and loss claims. Variations and additions to these are often agreed with individual insurers, to precisely meet their needs.

  • vrsANA to acknowledge new instructions to instructing office (Broker or Insurer) within 4 business hours of receipt;
  • Adjuster to contact Insured within 1 business day of receipt of new instructions;
  • Adjuster to advise the Insurer of all immediate actions taken within 2 business days of receipt of new instructions.
  • Adjuster to travel to site (unless otherwise instructed by the Insurer*) within 2 business days of receipt of new instructions;

*If a site visit is not possible within 2 business days the Insurer will be consulted within 1 business day of receipt of instruction for agreement for alternative arrangements (e.g. appointing local builder for initial attendance and/or later site visit date and/or remote assessment). Adjuster to seek Insurer agreement where any site travel is estimated to take more than 2 hours each way each trip or where flights, accommodation or any other significant travel costs are required.

  • Issue First Report to Insurer within 5 business days of site visit (or receipt of sufficient information where there are alternative arrangements). If sufficient loss details are not available within this period the First Report must identify known issues and reasons for delays;
  • Issue Interim Reports to the Insurer at least every 15 business days;
  • Provide updates to the Insured or their representative at least every 10 business days.
  • Return telephone calls within 1 business day;
  • Reply to written communications within 2 business days of receipt;
  • Seek Insurer agreement for use of any specialists or suppliers;
  • Seek Insurer agreement for any and all subrogation demands; and
  • Final reports to be issued to the Insurer within 5 business days of receipt of final claim documentation.