Business Continuity Plan

  • Prevention – Risk Management planning (back up of claim file information, maintaining communication and reporting, resource management)
    • Incorporates the Prevention element that identifies and manages the likelihood and/or effects of risk associated with an incident.
  • Preparedness –  Business Impact Analysis (what if scenarios and how to address possible events)
    • Incorporates the Preparedness element that identifies and prioritises the key activities of a business that may be adversely affected by any disruptions.
  • Response – Incident Response planning (action to be taken after the event)
    • Incorporates the Response element and outlines immediate actions taken to respond to an incident in terms of containment, control and minimising impacts.
  • Recovery –  Recovery planning (action plan to return to status quo, how, time frame)
    • Incorporates the Recovery element that outlines actions taken to recover from an incident in order to minimise disruption and recovery times.