Quality Management System

vrsANA has developed its own Process Management System and maintains proprietary control over this. On completion of a brief operational audit, a customised Process Management System will be prepared for the handling of each client’s claims.

The following Material Damage Claims and Liability Claims Process Maps show examples of Process Management Systems that may be developed for each client’s specific requirements. From here a customised Manual is prepared where the Manual tracks the entire customised claims process and identifies each step of the claims process as a series of actions and outcomes which must be completed within the required time frame, service criteria and format to allow the claim to be managed professionally and in accordance to the agreed Service Standards.

In addition, the system identifies Fail Points (fp), which are steps that are critical to the success or failure of the claims process. The “Fail Points” are parts of the process where “problems” can occur. Being able to identify and anticipate possible fail points provides the ability to address the issues before they occur.

The Line of Visibility is an imaginary line, which separates the area of direct control (below) and indirect control (above) the parties involved in the process have over each other. As such, the vrsANA Adjuster would have minimal control over the actions of a client (Insurer) but will have greater control over the appointed repairer.

Unlike traditional quality assurance methods (like KPI’s which provide an historical snap shot), Process Mapping System is dynamic and current and ensures that critical issues are identified and rectified at the time of occurrence, not after the event.  So if an insured cannot be contacted or a claims task cannot be performed, within the required time frame (as per the client’s Service Standards) then there are procedures in the system to ensure that proactive action is taken now, not later.

This proprietary developed Process Management System has enabled vrsANA over 19 years to achieve and maintain an enviable reputation as possibly the best Claims Handling Service Provider in Australia and enabled the Company to become the nation’s 4th largest loss adjusting organisation.