Environmental Management and Sustainability Policy


vrsANA will seek always to work in ways that minimise its consumption of resources and production of waste, ensuring that its operations are sustainable in the long term.


Use electronic formats and communications rather than paper based options where possible. This applies to communications, documents and photographs.

Review office energy use and in particular:

  • Install more energy efficient lighting
  • Use insulation and natural airflow to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Turn off appliances etc where possible
  • Where practical explore solar and other renewable energy options.

Reduce vehicle environmental impact where possible:

  • Choose more fuel efficient models/electric-hybrid
  • Maintain regular servicing

Explore recycling salvage options:

  • When seeking contractors to clear claim sites, emphasise options for recycling of materials rather than landfill.

Important Issues

Travel is the main environmental impact of vrsANA’s operations, reflecting the need to visit sites and the high proportion of remote area work we do.  Seeking lower impact vehicles that are nevertheless effective for long distance travel is an important issue for us.

Insurance claims often involve the disposal of damaged property and clearing of sites. What happens to cleared material can have a major environmental impact. vrsANA is committed to always seeking salvage and recycling options, even where these do not confer an environmental advantage.

Natural disasters often involve considerable environmental damage. vrsANA people will where practical go beyond their immediate responsibilities, to report and assist in ameliorating environmental impacts of associated with claims, though not necessarily part of the assigned loss adjusting task.

Our Commitment & Scope

Environmental protection and sustainability are largely about positive attitudes and sensitivity to the issues. vrsANA will aim to be a voice for sustainability within our industry, by demonstrating positive environmental values and the development of better solutions.

This policy will be renewed annually, including taking account of new technology developments in sustainability.