Risk Management

vrsANA’s Risk Management Services focus on commercial and industrial risks, providing a need-based or targeted site survey assessment and with recommendations for loss prevention.

We review all important aspects in relation to the plant operations and maintenance and uncover opportunities to meet your business goals and reduce your costs.

Our approach

The services include both field assessments and desktop assessments, where work has either been carried out or the size and location of the risk does not warrant a field assessment.

If field assessment is involved then it will be based on a combination of documentation reviews, interviews, plant inspections and verifications.

  • The documentation reviews are focussed on Operations, Maintenance, Fire, Safety, Security.
  • Interviews involves site operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Plant inspections and verifications consist of a physical tour of the Risk and, if required, verification of issues and carry-out of witness testing of equipment.
  • We can also provide opinions and reviews of existing risk assessment reports.


Type of Risks

vrsANA covers all types of:

  • Electrical power generation and transmission including sub-stations and transformers.
  • Alternative energy such as solar, wind and hydro.
  • Gas treatment and distribution.
  • Water treatment and distribution.
  • Engineering risks.

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